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Life under the African Sun

As a safari company, we focus on sharing our wildlife heritage with our guests – be it on a single game drive into the Kruger National Park or spending multiple days and nights on safari.  Our love for conservation, wildlife and nature is only surpassed by our love of sharing in the experiences of “The Other Animals of the Kruger National Park” – our guests!

All our guides are handpicked, qualified individuals who will ensure your safety and enjoyment. They too have been trained and assessed to the highest standards the industry requires. Guiding is done in English, but special arrangements can be made to have an interpreter in another international language, at an extra cost.

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Frank Watts

Frank has worked in the tourism industry for over 28 years; nearly 26 of them in the Kruger National Park. He holds the highest guiding qualification possible and has guided in the Park on foot and in open safari vehicles, working for South African Parks and some of the biggest tour operators in the industry. Frank received international fame via YouTube and National Geographic as the guide who witnessed an epic wildlife interaction now known as “The Battle at Kruger”.  

Frank was born in Durban, a city on the east coast of South Africa and he has spent his entire life on the African continent. His profound knowledge of his country and its inhabitants add an interesting dimension to the safari.

He eventually decided to channel his passion for the Kruger National Park into his own little business in 2012. His knowledge of wildlife and his love of people ensure that a safari with him or his guides will be an unforgettable experience.


Dianne Wichman

Dianne, a seasoned traveller, worked as a tour consultant and itinerary planner for over eight years before deciding to join Frank in developing and growing The Other Animals Safaris.

Dianne has a deep love and passion for the wildlife and the area we work in.  She is quick to respond to enquiries and because of her experience, both as a traveller and as a consultant, is able to offer first-hand, in-depth information, ensuring you will be prepared for almost anything!  

Dianne co-ordinates the guests, the guides, the safari vehicles, and everything in between, making sure things run as smoothly as possible. Dianne lived in Europe for many years, travelled extensively and learned to speak Dutch fluently before moving back to South Africa – the place she proudly calls home!  


Sam Mhlanga

Sam was born and raised in a village close to the Kruger National Park. Growing up in a rural environment surrounded by nature, he quickly developed an understanding and deep respect for the fauna and flora which played an intricate role in his young life.  

Although Sam received formal education at school, he was also taught the ways of his African culture by his parents. This has stood him in good stead as a guide. He is able to share information about his customs based on first-hand knowledge – not only the animals and the birds, but also the trees and the roles they play – medicinal and mythical.

His charming accent and genuine smile endear him very quickly to his guests. His many years of experience as a guide in the Kruger National Park and obvious love of his profession will ensure that your time with him will be richly remembered for a long, long time..


Frank leads the team and still does some of the guiding. Sam, our permanent guide, is a seasoned veteran with over 10 years’ experience guiding in the Kruger National Park. He is a local Shangaan and speaks fluent English as well as what he calls “safari German”. Sam brings a new dimension to the safari experience with his practical knowledge of the customs of his people – an incredible experience in itself. He is an easy-going guy with an infectious smile.

We also have a number of freelance guides who work with us and who share our passion and enthusiasm. They are all South Africans who have worked in the Park for many years.

  • All our guides speak fluent English.
  • Field guides are THETA and DEAT registered and have a long-term association with African Wildlife
  • All guides are in possession of a professional drivers’ license (PDP).
  • The open safari vehicles we use are all licensed to operate in the Kruger National Park and are in excellent condition.
  • Adequate Passenger Liability Insurance and General Public Liability Insurances are in place with SATIB, which is underwritten by Lloyds of London.
  • Our emphasis on customer care, safety and a safari with knowledgeable and professional guides, will ensure that you leave a little of your heart in Africa … and take with you memories and photos that can be shared with family and friends, whether you are an experienced traveller or a first-time adventurer.

Guiding isn't just about sharing knowledge and wildlife sightings, it's largely about how you make people feel.

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